Preserved in stone, the oldest records of human existence are engraved on the walls and columns of the ancient city Piranesi. Human civilization on this world seems to have begun here. "All roads lead out of Piranesi," is the observation of archeologists. This tradition of illuminating the city with carvings and paint continues today, but is carefully controlled by a panel of overseers. They must make sure any work done is of great enough historic value to warrant inclusion.

On an island outside the continent that entraps the people of this world with a great wall of heretofore impassable mountains is the key, the Rosetta Stone, that will answer how Piranesi came into existence and how humans came to this world. By matching it with three stone tablets kept in a sacred place, in the possession of the Daughters of Movia, the people of Earth will soon learn more about these lost people.


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