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Bookcovers, bookcovers, bookcovers -- I've done hundreds of them. That's what you will, for the most part, see here.  The most common question I get about doing bookcovers is, "Do you read the books first?"  I do.  Although there are a few exceptions, such as when the book isn't written yet.
After reading a manuscript (which I've marked passages in and taken notes from) I like to run the images through my mind while asking myself a few questions: what is the mood of the book?  what's the most important aspect of the book?  what appealed to me most?  I then take the answers to these questions and incorporate them in to one still picture, that with one glance, is the book.  Expressing some 200 to 500 pages into one small picture should be approached like a form of poetry.  Keep it simple.  That doesn't mean you can't be subtle or include a few things that the reader wouldn't understand till the book is read.  I love hearing from people that notice the little things in my covers.

The paintings you see here are all a few years old.  I hope to add a section soon with newer work.








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