Winsor McCay City

This is a young and prosperous city. At only a century old it has already become the scientific and cultural center of this world. 

Its origin began with an injustice. A great plague had cut down more that a quarter of the world’s population. Driven by irrational paranoia, a radical group convinced the populous that the root of this disease was the result of scientific research. The cure, they decided, was to run anyone with a background in science from civilization.

These scientists, inventors and scholars were exiled to a rocky and barren land where it was hoped they would die as a sacrifice to Nature. Instead, the great minds of this world, gathered together for the first time, set to ending the plague. Once they found the cure, and shared it with the world, they were asked to return.

Rather than return they requested reparations. It was with this they began a university. In time, and with money garnered from consulting fees, and patents paid by the other city/states Winsor McCay City has grown into a bustling metropolis dedicated to knowledge.

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