ABOUT GNEMO (repeated from my blog if youíve come from there):

Years ago I met an extraordinary young artist named Gnemo. I immediately hired him as my assistant. He quickly moved up from that position and became my collaborator and friend. Over the next decade Gnemo lived in my guesthouse and worked in my studio. He produced a number of paintings of an extraordinary world of great wonders.

All that time he kept an old trunk, and in it he kept over a hundred sketchbooks. He had based his fantastic paintings on the drawings from those pages.

One day Gnemo abruptly moved away without a forwarding address. In the note he left me he told me that everything he had, including all of his art and writing, was now mine. He asked me to complete his work for him and Iím honored to do so.  

This web log is largely taken from Gnemoís original sketchbooks, journal and notes. To add perspective to the drawings within Gnemoís sketchbooks he later added a number of comments on the left pages where space allowed. The sketchbooks have aged poorly, yellowing and loosing their edges.

Iíve scanned all it for you and, as to the best of my knowledge, Iím presenting it in chronological order. 

This version of Gnemoís Sketchbook doesnít have the full text. It also has none of the oil paintings done for the book. Those will be collected into a giant multi-book version that is well underway.




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