Shipping/Payment information:

All shipping of paintings through this web site will be handled by Craters & Freighters.   The fields for size, weight and dimensions (with the frame) and the price of the painting (with insurance) set the fee for shipping.  My charge will be a flat $265 for shipping and this is included in (already added to) the price listed on this web site.  This is a price break or equal to the actual shipping cost.  There will be one last charge of $10 at checkout.  It will be under the category of shipping but it's really a handling charge.

If you would like to have the painting shipped another way contact me directly:  Credit card payments won't be possible through this method, but you can use a check, money order or go directly to PayPal to send the payment.  You should do this only after we have an agreement via email.


-- Tom Kidd

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